Access Point with VLANs as a range extender

Hi All,

I am wondering which option do I have to extend the range of my Archer A7 with Local, Guest, IOT VLANs.

I am renting so I cant run cables, so the AP should connect via wifi.

I was looking for a simple solution

Tried to implement marks Batman-ADV but I failed



Vlans cannot be used in WiFi, but you can bridge each vlan to a separate SSID.

I've never tried BATMAN, but this is, I think, the preferred method to achieve the stated goal.

The other possible approach (which I've also never tried) is to setup a wireless link between the two device that uses GRE TAP to 'encapsulate' the VLANs through the link. IIRC, this is how some commercial solutions (like Unifi) achieve a wireless uplink while still carrying all the desired VLANs. This specific link is a point-to-point type and is not 'traditional wifi' insofar as a normal client (phone/tablet/computer, etc.) wouldn't be able to gain normal network access, but it of course uses the same radios.