Access point with multi SSIDs and VLANs

Hello, I have a TL-WR941ND router with OpenWrt 18.06 and I would like to use it as an access point with multiple SSIDs in different VLANs. I already have an RB750GR3 on my network, duly configured with the VLANs in operation with Intelbras corporate APs. The desired configuration is as follows:
The TL-WR941ND connects to the wired network of my RB receiving IP via DHCP without VLAN. I need to create 3 SSIDs with VLANs 10/11/12, and these VLANs need to be replicated via the LAN ports to the next access point. Can you help me with this configuration?

The only real advice would be to upgrade the hardware, a decade ago. 18.06 is EOL and contains known and easy to exploit security issues (including on the wireless side alone).


well ...
first try to find guide for "DumbAP" here on forum
as your device is old, and FW is old, there is 99% chance that you using "swconfig"
so, when you search for guides, look for swconfig configs
after all, if you fail, and you are unable to replace hardware ... then ...
maybe we could help

I followed your advice. I now have 2 Archer C50 with openwrt 23.05

Returning to the topic, now I have more up-to-date hardware. I'm not familiar with OpenWRT, I'm a RouterOS user and I have a good command of VLAN systems on this platform. In OpenWRT I was unable to create a simple access point. Is there any tutorial that can help me configure AP mode with WIFI networks replicating different VLANs?

Openwrt will use either the old swconfig or the newer DSA method to configure VLANs depending on your router hardware. I am making a guess that your C50 will use the older swconfig option to configure the VLANs. This means that there will be a menu option available called SWITCH. Clicking on this menu option puts you in the VLAN configuration page. From there it's pretty straightforward to configure your VLANs. I would say practice with it first knowing that if you lock yourself out of your router you can always hard reset back to default config.

For comparisons: RouterOS which you are familiar with has multiple paths to configure VLANs i.e. via the Bridge VLAN filtering or via the switch menu options. In Openwrt you will configure VLANs either by swconfig (switch chip) or DSA (bridge VLAN filtering) depending on the model of your router.

You mention AP mode. There isn't an actual AP mode in Openwrt. In default config Openwrt is already in Router/AP mode (i.e. in can act as both). What we refer to as "Dumb AP" means to remove all the "Router" baggage that is not needed to operate as a "Dumb AP". This helps prevent possible conflicts with your network e.g. you don't want DHCP running on a "Dumb AP" which could cause problems with clients connecting to your network. So "Dumb AP" would mean to remove the DHCP server among other services you don't need.

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