Access Point with external antennas

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for some device I could use as a WiFi access point.

  1. Ideally it would have detachable external antennas I could use with extension cables. Else, maybe I could do with a low-profile ceiling device instead.
  2. I will use it with a GPON internet connection, so it shouldn't be too slow.
  3. I'm looking for a device with a large developer community.
    What should I buy? :smile:

GPON and "large developer community" might be a challenge. Many find that a separate "modem" allows one to get better ISP connectivity and reliability along with better routing and wireless performance. It also lets you be able to "trade one out" if it fails, or something better comes along. Yes, higher price for the combo, but at least I consider it a very worthwhile trade-off. (My cable provider's drop pouring water into my modem recently reinforced this for me.)

Edit: Adding RF cabling often negates any gains from external antennas, especially with feed lines more than a few cm long or those that are not using high-quality cable and connectors (expect to pay US$50-100 per feed line for what an RF engineer would consider "reasonable quality" at 2.4 or 5 GHz). Remote connection to an AP with Ethernet is preferred.


Hello Jeff! Thank you for your answer. Some clarifications : I already have a GPON modem/router, the only thing I need is a Wifi access point, either a bare access point (slow CPU, few memory) or a more sophisticated router I would use as an access point only. The critical point here is the large developer community.
I don't need to cover a wide area with the Wifi. The access point will be enclosed into a metal cabinet with only the antennas protruding, hence the need for detachable external antennas. I am currently using this type of solution with an old WRT54GL and it works prefectly, but the 54Mbps Wifi is a huge bottleneck for the GPON connection.