Access Point Recommendations

Hi All,

Just wanted some basic recommendations for a couple of access points for the inside of my house.

I've got a couple of requirements;
Must be "clean looking", for example, Cisco Meraki Range.
Must be wall-mountable.
Must be PoE.
Must support OpenWRT (Ofcourse).
Must have an AC radio.

Anyone got any recommendations other than the Cisco Meraki range, something which is a "solid build" and feel physically and looks nice, clean, and sharp on a wall?

Thanks in advance!

I'd personally rethink whether this is a requirement for an AP. Makes a lot less sense than it does on a router imo.

Either way I'd look at Ubiquiti or the EAP range from TP Link.


I'll take a look at those.
I use VyOS as my router, which I get on with a lot and would not like to remove this.
So It's just the wireless I want to cover.


Here is a good list for a starting point:

Recommend a 4x4 “wave 2” wireless AC device for the most bang for buck. Smallnetbuilder offers great reviews. Qualcomm will be the most open source friendly.


Openwrt makes a great router. However given that vendors are locking down wireless firmware and don't release documentation to properly support the device it doesn't make sense to use Openwrt as an AP. I use Openwrt on a couple of Linksys wrt units and the WiFi performance is not nearly as good or stable as stock firmware. I am thinking of turning off the radios in the Linksys units and getting a couple of Aruba APs. Then again I might just need to choose a better AP.

TP-Link EAPs get pretty good reviews, and yes given the closed nature of the hardware, the factory firmware makes sense on APs unless you need advanced features like BATMAN or similar.

What about GL-B1300? It's IPQ4028 so the wireless perf should be pretty decent? (decent for a 2x2 radio anyway)

  • Clean-looking: "clean" enough to me but ymmv
  • Wall-mountable: yes
  • PoE: built-in PoE module is optional ($7 extra)
  • OpenWRT: supported in master
  • AC radio: it's IPQ4028 so definitely yes