Access Point is not reachable when Station is not connected?

I am using a small Wifi router (R1) to control all my wifi-enabled roller shutters.
There is a Wifi remote control connected to this network that can open/close the roller shutters.
For this I create a Wifi Access Point (R1AP) to which all those devices are connected.

I also connected that Wifi router as a Client Station (R1S) to another Wifi Access Point (R0AP) to access the internet + home assistant.

My goal was to have my roller shutters always reachable by the remote control even when R0AP was down. But it doesn't work as I expected:

  • R1AP is reachable when R0AP is up or R1S is disabled
  • However R1AP is not reachable when R0AP is down and R1S is enabled.

Why is that? How can I have R1AP reachable even when R0AP is down? Thanks!

DHCP lease time makes unit unaware in R0S being down? Or if you use static IPs.

Depending on remote, internet doesn't appear to be needed for controlling the shutters?

Use Travelmate package.
This is standard behaviour caused by the client scanning for the network it wants to join and never going into a transmit mode for the configured AP.

Travelmate will detect a connection loss and switch the config to disable the client connection. It will then monitor for the clients upstream network to be available again and attempt to reconnect.
This should result in your AP being available most of the time (I'm sure small dropouts while it attempts reconnect or is detecting disconnect will occur).


Thanks so much
I didn't know about the standard router behaviour and how to overpass it.

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