Access Point for passing VLANs to WiFi

I have an pfSense Hardware Firewall which splits my WAN Traffic into two VLANs (private/public) and do the NAT. In a nutshell the Access Point has only to passthrough the traffic from the private-VLAN to WiFi and the builtin switch and the public-VLAN to WiFi-Guest, no additional NAT needed. Therefore cpu performance will not be an issue... Important is a very good 2.4G Signal strenght and a very good OpenWRT support! 5G would nice to have but not necessary atm.
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If you don't need much CPU or blazing 5G, a used Archer C7 or A7 could be a good fit. The 2.4 range and performance on mine was good. The 5G performance was OK - not a fast as my EA8500 or EA6350, but certainly adequate. Also has 16/128 flash/memory and good OpenWrt support. Just be sure not to overpay - you should be able to find used for ~$25 shipped, and ideally less. The hardware is a little dated, but it still makes a good access point. The CPU will do ~135 Mbps SQM with CAKE - it's not going to set any speed records, but there are definitely more anemic options.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I've already considered that. I would prefer the A7 because this model has external dualband antennas no inernal 2.4G antennas. What do you think of my plans? Technically it works with openwrt, right?
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The C7 V5 is exactly the same hardware as an A7. The C7 V4 is very similar. In both of these the external antennas operate dual band.

You will find a lot of reference to the V2 as having "best OpenWrt compatibility," but that information is dated. The new builds for the V4 and V5 work fine.