Access point and client at the same time

Hi guys,

is it possibls to use an router,
as master (access point) and as client (comes from another wifi-routee) at the same time??

i really mean as example on 2.4ghz,

Are there routers who can this at the same time?

Now it is runing by me so that i recieve via 2,4ghz and send fia 5ghz on netgear router.

It depends on the device in question (different wireless hardware and drivers have different constraints in that regard, see iw list for the valid interface combinations), there are however some caveats:

  • repeater effect (basically halving your throughput for the repeated signal)
  • the AP interface is a slave interface to the STA (client-) interface, which means whenever the STA interface is down, so is the AP interface (the travelmate package can mitigate this to some extent)
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@slh thanks for the fast response,
so i see that correct that the mac80211 should can do that on the same time?
(if it can do that would be super,
my router has the mac on the 2.4ghz band.)

mac80211 as the framework can do it (I've used a tl-wdr3600 (dual-ath9k wlan) as a repeater (2.4 GHz used as uplink and both bands for repeating) for years), but only iw list will tell you if your hardware/ driver combination supports it as well.

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