Access Point also connect to Internet Sharing

Hi everybody,

I just started working with OpenWRT, and I don't know how to link an Access Point to Internet Sharing from a phone and provide access to internet to the network.

On my network, there is a TP-Link router without wireless capabilities, and an Access Point with 2 antennas that run OpenWRT. I would like this Access Point to connect to my phone with the second antenna when I share Internet and provide it to the local network (to download program on local network).

Is it possible if my Access Point is not the main router on the local network ?
DHCP is on the main router.

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go to wireless, and click scan and join, to join the phones wifi.
put the connection created in the wan zone.

then you need to reconfigure your tp-link routers DHCP, to point to the IP of the openwrt device
as gateway (and perhaps) DNS.
or let your AP act as DHCP instead.

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I did what you said :

  • Conencted to the Wifi, I see it on the phone and there is the IP on the WAN interface in DHCP Client mode
  • I can ping openWRT website from the diagnostics page
  • I change the DCHP settings on the TP-link router and the default gateway is correctly changed pointing to the OpenWRT AP IP.
  • But I can't access Internet from the computer connected on the local network.

I want to keep the DHCP server on the TP-Link router because I also want my local network working without the OpenWRT AP

How can I know what to do next ?

do you know for a fact the computer received the updated IPs, you have to unplug or reboot it, for it to happen.

I tested on MacOS and in the settings it's written my IP address and the correct IP as default gateway ( - the IP of the OpenWRT AP, TP-link router is

I also tried to set as default DNS, didn't work

Can you do nslookup or ping of any FQDN from the clients?

I tried
nslookup ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Try some pings and traceroutes with numeric IPs to differentiate if it's a routing problem or a DNS problem.

From the Mac, a traceroute to a numeric IP on the Internet should go to then to the phone's IP then to places in the phone network and Internet.

You could also set the DNS IP to, or some other public DNS.