Access Openwrt remotely

How to access it without port forwarding? My isp don't allow a single port to open not even ssh

  • Does this mean that your ISP router is still installed upstream of the OpenWrt?
  • If so, it it possible to remove it?
  • I also assume this means you don't have remote access to it either?
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  1. Yes. Jiofiber India Modem
  2. ?
  3. I can access Jiofiber modem which jio firmware remotely yes

You might find to be a handy starting point.

That search is limited to the past year's results, so with any luck there might be something there you can use.

If you can't replace your ISP's router, but you are able to pass your ISP's router WAN address through to the OpenWRT router sitting behind it, that may give you more control over inbound traffic. But it's all down to how your ISP operates.

Some cursory reading of older results suggests that Jio might use CGNAT. If that's the case, then you're unlikely to be able to open up any ports inbound, no matter what you do.

However, even if that's the case, it's not necessarily the end of the matter.

One potential solution might be to spin up a VPN where your OpenWRT router pretends to be a VPN client, not a VPN server. It connects outbound to another device running a VPN server, e.g. your laptop, your phone, your tablet, a VPS in AWS/Azure/GCP/Oracle. If it's possible to establish a tunnel successfully, then two-way communication ought to be possible. Ultimately it depends on what equipment (real and virtual) you have available to you, and what configuration you are able to apply to it.