Access Luci via ssh port forwarding?

From a Fedora machine, I can ssh to a remote OpenWrt router usiing keyfile, using either ipv4 or ipv6, with DDNS hostnames working as well.

Now, can I use some kind of ssh porting forwarding, such that I can access the remote router's Luci web management interface?

sure, that should work, but you might need openssh instead of dropbear.

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Does OpenWrt has openssh-server packages?

did you look in the package repository ?

Thank you very much!

I find this

And it is still working for 21.02.0-RC3 .

I still have dropbear listening at port 2222, while openssh-server is listening at 22.

At Fedora side, running this command:
ssh -4v -L 2222: user@router
ssh -p 2222 user@

But when running:
ssh -4v -L 8080: user@router
got connection refused.

-- Finally this works --
ssh -L 2443: user@router

Then can connect with

It can be done with dropbear too.
uci set dropbear.@dropbear[0].GatewayPorts='on'; uci commit dropbear; service dropbear restart


AFAIK 21.02 defaults HTTPS, don't know if anything's listening on port 80 by default.
Haven't installed any 21.02 just yet.

It works.

Thank you very much!

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Luci is listening on port 80 for http and 443 for https .

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