Access LEDE programmatically

Is there any option to configure LEDE without using web UI. I guess there is no API that could be called remotely but are there alternatives?

I tried tracing HTTP requests and then sending the same from my code but authentication fails (403) even the "sysauth" cookie is set.

another option would be to use command line interface and ssh but I don't know if there is command to setup network interface from the cmd prompt?

Is there any other option? Please send a hint what is required for HTTP authorisation?

Thank you!

You could try accessing it over the SSL interface.


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LEDE is a linux system, all the configs are in files. You can use
Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible, whatever to manage these files.

In addition, there is the uci tool to manipulate the lede specific config files
(the web gui just makes calls vi uci)

this isn't exposed by default, but there are lots of tools out there that will
work, including just writing scripts that use ssh

David Lang

OK, solved! Thanks all!