Access lan using openwrt

hello everyone. im new in openwrt forum. i need your support in an issue faced me.
from lap1 i need to reach both pc1 with ip ( and wan network.I can reach openwrt with ip ( from lap1
How can i reach and Networks from lap1?
you can neglect vpn server and clients the new scheme

can't use a vpn client on boths ends, can you ?

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i can because vpn server in cloud both devices are clients

and where does it say so, in your 1st post ?

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And what's your question?

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i edit post....thanks for your notification

what kind of VPN server?
WireGuard, OpenVPN?

Usually a VPN server uses a private IP address range so seems a bit odd

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plus the windows client and vpn server's out of scope for this forum, unless the server's running openwrt ?

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is it even supported by openwrt ?

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ok i asked about openwrt configuration to reach both subnets and

i don't know i find packages in my router....i bought modified router with openwrt

OpenWrt is a VPN client? If your VPN does not emulate Ethernet and does not pass Ethernet frames (which is most probably the case), you need to configure routing of and via OpenWrt on the VPN server, as well as add routes to said networks via VPN on Lap1.

If you're looking for a freelancer to configure it for you, you're probably looking in a wrong place. You haven't asked the question with any information which would be helpful to inspect your configuration or help you.

neither do we, you haven't told us what device you use ...

so it's a black box to you, and to us, this is fun ...

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if you can help in my case thanks a lot if not thanks for your replying

how could we / I ?

you don't tell us what hw you use, and (probably) run some openwrt derivate we know nothing about.
flash it with proper openwrt, if your device's supported, but the n2n still won't be supported, AFAIK.

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i asked with all data that i have and need your help if available to configure openwrt to do what i need thanks for your reply

You're posting in "Network and Wireless Configuration" forum. What exactly doesn't work? How did you configure it? How did you debug it?

If you need someone to configure it for you, this is not a right place to ask.

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as i told in my post i new here tell me please the right place for my post

First we need to know some basic info. Please post output of

ubus call system board

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Use OpenVPN.