Access internet using openwrt android tv box

i have android tv box with openwrt instaleld on it
i can access the control panel via lan cable and wireless connection
i can also connect cctv to my android tv box and do live view with it

but i have problem connecting modem to my android tv box
the internet connection doesnt seem to be available even though i already connect both of them using lan cable....
i try accessing openwrt control panel and do opkg update and it shows error (failed to download the package list), i try to connect my phone to its wifi but i can't connect to google...

is there someting that cause this error to occur?

As far as I am aware, there are no android tv boxes supported by the official openwrt project.

Where did you find the openwrt version you installed on your device?

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ohh github and youtube channel, it uses amlogic cpu

That's what I figured.

You'll need to reach out to the maintainer of that build for help. This is not supportable here because the customized version they have created is not the same as OpenWrt from the official project.

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