Access gotify/server running on pi via port 80 vpn using public ip

can connect to web ui of gotify on local network using http port 80

have setup pi to send me public ip

would like to be able to connect to the above public ip via http port 80 so i can connect to gotify

ps- gotify is just a simple server running on the pi

i was about to create the nat rule, like below, wasn't sure, thought id ask

if the above looks correct, what do i put in rewrite ip address, thanks

Normally, you just use the port forwarding feature. I'd recommend that.

(under the hood, it's doing similar things, but it's easier to setup and is designed for the type of use case you've described)

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slightly confused. would appreciate help in understanding.

in the settings in the image below, i am specifying the wan coconut which is the dongle that is giving internet to the openwrt router

however, i am also using a vpn, so my public ip is that of the vpn not of the wan coconut

i feel, but am unsure, i have to forward 80 to the vpn not to wan coconut, is my understanding correct

if my understanding is correct, how would i go about doing that, thanks

Does you vpn service provider provide inbound access for you to use? This is not a typical service, but is available by some vpns. It means you will have a specific public ip to use for inbound connections.

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no, it does not, as I use the free version of protonvpn

do i have any options

If your normal wan is a public ip, you can always use that. You may need to use policy based routing in that case, but that part shouldn’t be hard.

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