Access from network to another OpenVPN TAP Interface


My current network is divided into several subnets:

  • = LAN Network
  • = IoT Network

I now want to add a third network using an OpenVPN configuration in order to access a remote machine. My VPN is an OpenVPN in TAP mode ( The connection to the VPN through the OpenWrt interface is working fine, and if I connect directly to the router, I can ping the machine I want to reach (

The router is connected to the VPN through the IP address

I have set up an interface with "none" protocol (OPENVPN-TAP) and a firewall rule to allow my LAN network to access the OPENVPN-TAP network.

However, I am unable to reach a machine in the OPENVPN network from my LAN network using any means (ping = not working). But I can successfully ping the router's address (ping = OK).

Can you help me with the configuration that needs to be implemented?

Thank you.