Access dynamic dns from LAN

hello friends, i have a r7800 router, and i'm using a NSS firmware. Apparently, the traffic travels through another site in these firmware, and from the wired LAN network (from the wifi if it works), I cannot access it from within the LAN network through the external ip or dynamic dns.

I have services within my LAN, and I want to access the same way that I access from the WAN, but from the LAN. I do not know if I explain myself.
In normal firmware this does not happen.
In the r7800 post they give the solution by putting the LAN card in promiscuous mode, and it works, but my router is unstable with that configuration. Is there any other way?

Thank you.

The best option would be to override the DNS records for your ddns domain on your router (for your LAN), rewriting it to use the internal IPs instead of the external ones.

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perfect, but what would this process be like? I don't know how to create those routes and make them functional

I need to use different leeks, for example and, and they point to different LAN IP

that won't work, it's still, and they'll resolve to the same IP.

DNS doesn't care about ports.

Oohh. Solution?

two separate dnsdns:es,, ...

ok, how do i create path in openwrt?

what path ?

how this is done. how is it done?

try adding the entries to the hosts file in your router, or on the client.

on the router, where would it be?

it's in /etc