Access Bridged ISP Modem Remotely

I have a DSL router from ISP that is in bridge mode and then connected to HomeHub 5A for internet. In LAN I can successfully access the ISP router at but I am not sure as to how can I access it remotely from outside the LAN. I am using DDNS on HomeHub and I can access the Hub from outside the network through SSH.

That being said, the ISP router only supports telnet but I preferably want to access the GUI if possible at all. I can setup a port forward for ISP router in OpenWrt firewall section but I am at a loss how to make it work. Can someone please suggest something? I am running self-compiled firmware from testing branch of OpenWrt Kernel v5.4.32.

Alright I was able to do it with Putty port-forwarding rule.

The local rule that I used in the command-line is: -L PORT:ISP-ROUTER-IP:80 and I just used a current SSH port that I already use to SSH in to my Hub from outside the home.

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