Access a devices behind a second router from a remote PC

Hello Everyone,

I would like to access devices connected to a second router from a remote PC. A bit more specific.

  • There is a primary router WDR4300 (Main one)
  • WRT54GL second router connected to LAN from WDR4300
  • I can access settings on the WRT54GL from a PC connected to WDR4300 2nd LAN port
  • There are a few devices connected to the WRT54GL LAN, which I want to access from the PC connected to the WDR4300
  • Only WDR4300 is connected to the Internet

Any suggestion is welcome


Hey there.

Your second router is of no intrest at all here, as long as you configure it as "dumb AP". Which you have, according to your last thread.

You should either set up some VPN or add port forwarding.