Accesing LAN thru WireGuard


Recently able to get WireGuard to connect from cellphone to OpenWrt router.
However, it seems I need to add items to allow it to access my entire LAN.

About halfway down this page there is a section "Accessing your home LAN" at:

I used LUCI to get WG running so I now need to learn how/where I would enter these
"PostUp" and "PostDown" entries.

Can anyone help me out? Looking for what to do either thru LUCI or SSH?


Probably easiest if you post your config files:


And your remote peer’s wireguard config.

Please redact your keys and any public Ip addresses, but do not change your private ips, and make sure anything you change or redact is clearly indicated so we know it is not a mistake.


@flowersrj, welcome to the community!

Since the Wireguard is always on, you'd just setup that masquerade rule when setting up the zone for WG on the general firewall page.

BTW, it would have been easier for others to make the URL a hyperlink instead of a codebox.