Acces to openVPN client resourses

Hello, sorry for my English I’m from Mexico , I have similar problem of this post

The difference is my vpn server is a Asus RT AC66u, and I need to connect from different locations (Whit no public IP) time assistance clock checker, I bought for test a TP-Link Archer C50 v4 and installed OpenWRT (snapshot) and luci.
I already connected OpenVPN successfully and from the computer connected to the tplink I can access correctly to the asus lan resources, but for the Lan with the ASUS I cant access to the client resources.

What I need to do for enter to the resources from client network?


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OpenVPN configuration: server + client + site-to-site

To access clients from lan behind OpenVPN-client don't forget to use iroute option in ccd-config.

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hello i had a lot of problemswhit the open vpn server of asus router what routers is recomended for doing the type of vpn I wanted my budget is only 120 USD. or is better option using a raspberry pi ?


What problems exactly do you have?

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is because i only have this options and I cant have site to site connection

Please show your OpenWrt settings. Your screenshot doesn't appear to be OpenWrt.

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I’m using the Asus RT-AC66u as a OpenVPN server (doesn’t have openWRT) and client is with OpenWRT, that why I am asking for recommendations.

What is your budget?

What VPN throughput do you need?

Do you need SQM?

120 USD

just donload a file frome time asistance clock is 1.5 mb´s and 9 diferent locations. If take some time i dont care.


Regards Carlos


There's a tested and working how-to.
If you have specific issues, please create a separate thread describing your problem in detail.

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