AC88u and wireguard

@arinc9 first of all many thanks for all the many hours you and other put in to getting OpnWrt running on the RT-AC88u, I have gotten opnwrt installed by installing
openwrt-22.03.2-bcm53xx-generic-asus_rt-ac88u-squashfs.trx and then updating with test2-openwrt-22.03-bcm53xx-generic-asus_rt-ac88u-squashfs.trx

I have full working wifi, I do have a problem you may be able to assist with, If you can.

Im trying to install wireguard and im getting this error about the kernel,

  • The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 5.10.186-1-088943c6… while 5.10.186-1-c184c259… is installed.

Is their anything i can do.

install latest snapshot, and WG directly afterwards, or use the image builder and included it into a new snapshot.

or use the image from

Thank you, the latest snapshot I tried first would not boot, So I did use google and followed a few threads with people who had the same issue, I will try it again though, thank you

Don't waste your time. Any versions above 22.03.2 won't boot because of the NVMEM_BRCM_NVRAM driver. On top of this, the Broadcom wireless driver for 23.05 and above broke so Wi-Fi won't work.

You can't install kernel modules from the OpenWrt feed on custom images because of certain reasons. I suggest you stay on 22.03.2 for the time being.

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