AC2100 xiaomi no work

Hello, in a faile try to install openwrt, my router reboot and stop working, i tried to force factory defulte using the reset button, same situation.
The router power on and the red light not stop blinkin, i try to install with ssh. Happend to anyone? There are something to about this?
I just say that my router dont have a usb input.
Tank you in front.

Tried the debricking guide in ?

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I tride but i have some truble whith the servers, i dont sure that i config him propertly. I used tftpd64.

Have you disabled the security software on Windows computer?

Otherwise, have you tried using the MiWiFi Repair tool x86 for Windows, provided router is using stock Uboot (not Breed) bootloader:

Some instructions for how to use the tool for another Xiaomi router. Use the tool to install your AC2100 stock image.

I shutdown the firewall, the true i see the repare tool before half hour and i dont home right know, i tride him in a cople hours and update here.