AC Router under ₹3000 ($40)

Hello everyone
I am looking for an entry-level AC Router in India.
Budget- ₹3000 ($40)
Its fine if router doesn't support OpenWrt.
Currently using TP-Link TL-WR841N V14

Now considering below routers
Tenda AC10
TP-Link A6/C6
Netgear R6220

Any other suggestions?

What are your preferences?

Good range.
No frequent disconnections.
MU-MIMO support.
Gigabit lan ports
Should work good with 100-200Mbps Broadband Connection.

If you need the perfect combination of routing performance and wireless range, you are left with no options other than increasing your budget from 3k to 5k.

TP-Link routers have decent wireless range, the same can't be said about Netgear Routers. While Netgear router has good routing performance.

I own the Netgear R6220 and the TP-Link C1200 and I can say that the C1200 has a much better range than the R6220. But, R6220 with OpenWrt and a larger flash size has support to a huge number of applications and a good SQM performance with its dual thread CPU.

Can't comment on Tenda Products, never owned one. But IMO, the UI is shit and it will never support OpenWrt.

I have seen good reviews for the TP-Link C6, but it lacks a USB port, which comes handy in recurring storage use like, nlbwmon, if used with OpenWrt. IMHO you'll be fine with this.

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WR330 / WR1200JS

Wifi AC 5 * LAN gigabits 1 * USB

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+1 for the r6220. I used it for a long time before I needed to give it to my girlfriend to fix her WiFi issues. It's been flawless with OpenWrt and 100% recommend it.

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What options do I have in a 5K budget?

In current situation it is not possible to order from Aliexpress.
Thanks for suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

My suggestions would be

Do check the versions for OpenWrt compatibility with the sellers before buying.

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