AC performance WRT3200 on 5G AC


just wanted to ask wether my performance-measurement make sense - I think I got more some time ago.
AP WRT3200ACS OpenWRT 19.07.3 radio0 ACN
Client Linux Mint 20, Intel 200AX
Channel 40 or 153, both not crowded, 80MHz

I don't get far above 400-450 MBit net throughput (simple iperf), shouldn't this be a little more?

Thanks for sharing you approx. throughput results.


P.S.: my new Notebook has no eth0 anymore, so I'd want to reach at least 800+ for backups etc.

Your notebook probably has 2 aerials, so maximum throughput is limited to 867 mbps link speed (Transmit+Receive) with 80 MHz bandwidth setting when using 802.11ac wifi5.

ie. speed tests will typically max out around 430 mbps for most 2 aerial devices.

You would have to use 160 MHz bandwidth to achieve 800+ mbps over 802.11ac.