About the adblock on openwrt

Just some important questions .

Does the websites detect the adblock that openwrt have ?

Also is it worth it and work most of the time ?

Also is it the same that raspberry pi have ?

Thank you .

They can detect this, and some do (and refuse to work).


It helps a lot, especially against the most annoying stuff, but a rough tool as DNS based blocklists will never catch everything (not even close).


What you mean by No ? Is the raspberry pi better ? and why ?

Because I heard that they work the same . It’s just about the blocklist , And you can just add it .

I swapped from using Pihole over to using Adblock which works in the same way ie using blocklists and the only difference is that PiHole does have a nice GUI but Adblock gives me all the info i need if i need to white or black list something plus comes with a nice set of list to pick from