About rtl8821 wifi driver

Hi every. I have an usb wifi card with rtl8821, now we can compile the driver to generate the .ko. then i copy the file to the openwrt, then insmod the module. it can display two interface, one is wlan0, the other is wlan1. I can use one interface to take as client to connect with AP, I also can access internet from local machine my problem is: I could not use the wifi detect tools to find wifi interface, so the file /etc/wireless is empty, So I couldn't use luci or uci command line to let wlan0 to jion the wan zone, So I couldn't use it as regular router to connect with other device , Can anyone give some suggestion about it? Thanks

@ninesuntj, welcome to the community!

I beleive this chip is client only...no AP.

then vendor provide the latest driver code. you can get both AP and STA after compiling it. we can see two interface :wlan0,wlan1

then add it to the source tree, additional sets of hands are always appreciated.

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sorry. Such codes is licensed, we couldn't upload it

then how would you expect us to do it ?

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can you give us some suggestion about it? because the etc/config/wireless is empty. can I add the wifi config mannually or modify the relative script to get right etc/config/wireless

Dump realtek

could you please recommend me replaced one?

usb wifi stick as AP ? avoid it, if you can.

if not, read Best 5GHz USB Wifi Adapter to Work with OpenWrt

whatever you choose, don't go for Realtek.


I agree with those talking negatively about Realtek USB WiFi support. Just avoid Realtek.

I maintain a Github repo with information about USB WiFi adapters to be used with Linux:

Here is another link where I give information about using a RasPi4b, hostapd and a mt7612u chipset based adapter to set up an AP. This setup works really well:

Good luck.

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