About OpenFirmware

Dear All,

i saw that lede default support OpenFirmware(CONFIG_OF), but ar71xx dose not use DTS, why? :confounded:

if i wanna add a new device(eg spi device), should i just add platform data in mach * or create a new dts file?



Not every platform uses CONFIG_OF and currently the AR71XX is one of them.
There are plans to convert it though: http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/lede-dev/2016-December/004518.html

p.wassi has a tree: https://github.com/p-wassi/lede-source/tree/ath79_devicetree
you are welcome to join the effort.

Dear chunkeey,

i`ve wrote a spi rtc driver, use spi-gpio, 1 gpio irq, with platform_add in mach-ap143, it works fine on openwrt ..
but i move it to lede, it cannot work anymore... i saw the most different is CONFIG_OF is enabled in lede..