About Nano Pi R5S 2.5gb Ethernet speed problem

Hello, I have a 2.5Gb wired connection between my RTL8125B chip 2.5Gb ethernet card and Nano Pi R5S on my computer. According to iperf3 results, I see 2.37Gb connection speed between the two in my tests. However, my disk connected via usb 3.0, which I have opened for sharing with samba4, which I have installed Openwrt, is between 70-80 megabytes for file copying and downloading. According to iperf3 test speeds, shouldn't I reach at least 250 megabyte file copy speed per second? By the way, I am using the rk3568-eflasher-friendlywrt-22.03-docker-20221123.img.gz image. Could it be due to this image? Where should I check? Thanks.

Then you should ask your question at the friendlywrt support channels.


I did a file transfer test between nano pi r5s 2.5gb ethernet and windows 11 2.5gb ethernet on my computer, when I look with htop, the cpu comes to 70% 100% and openwrt ram suddenly shows 4gb ram 99% and cached ram 99% used. What exactly does this mean and what do I need to check in samba settings, it starts at 288 megabytes per second and goes down.

cache running out?