About mtk 6710u usb wifi adapter openwrt compatibility

i'm thinking add usb wifi adapter to my zyxel p2812-hnul-f1. p2812's default internal wifi is realy problematic with openwrt. i can find easily mtk 6710u based usb wifi adapter. and its cheap. if mtk 6710u is not have nice compatibility what is usb wifi chipset advice for openwrt ?



In general, USB is the worst solution to this problem in so many ways (range, performance, reliability, driver/ firmware fun, for details you'll find numerous previous explanations on this forum). Looking at it closer, replacing the router (e.g. bthub5 or separating modem/ wireless router tasks) or adding an external AP might not be more expensive, but provides massively better reliability and performance.

@slh We can agree to disagree.


I use two USB WiFi adapters on a router running OpenWRT:

ALFA AWUS036ACHM (AC600) (mt7610u)
ALFA AWUS036ACM (AC1200) (mt7612u)

reliability - rock solid
range - the range of the ACHM is impressive while the ACM is good
drivers - the drivers for both are ready to install from the OpenWRT repo

The link that @frollic provided is a good place to get information and ask questions.


thank u for reply. can u show mt7610u install step by step pls?