About D-Link DIR-853 R1

Hi everyone,

I'm going to buy a D-Link DIR-853 R1 to use with OpenWRT.
But, before to buy it, I'd like to know if I will be able to install latest OpenWRT version on it (not snapshot, but latest stable version).
I have seen here - D-Link DIR-853 A1, and I see R1 version is equal to A1 version, except for the flash layout.

  • Is it possible to install it?
  • Do I have to do some complicated steps, or I can just follow the steps provided for the A1?
  • in the A1 wiki I see you have to first install an encrypted version of OpenWRT, in the web interface of the OEM router. Then upgrade OpenWRT to the latest version. Can I use the same encrypted image for my R1 version? and then upgrade to the latest R1 version?



Thanks @frollic ,
I see your link is related to development of OpenWRT for this device. Though, I'm not very wise at these things and I didn't find where to download the image files to flash or instructions on how to flash OpenWRT on this device.
Could you please point me out how to download the firmware and how to flash it?

flashing instructions are in the link above, sysupgrade file for flashing is in https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=23.05.3&target=ramips%2Fmt7621&id=dlink_dir-853-r1

Thanks @frollic , I understand
:+1: :+1:

Hi again @frollic ,
I came up with a question:
If the sysupgrade image file is for flashing on an already OpenWRT flashed device, how can I install it from the stock "recovery page"? Don't I need to first flash the factory image? is it supposed to be "Kernel" download in the link you provided?
Thank you and sorry for asking so many questions, I need to ensure I will be able to flash it before buying it.

were you able to find a factory image ?

yup, that's exactly why I wrote "sysupgrade file", in my last post.

Ok @frollic,
I assume I just have to flash sysupgrade directly which is what you said.
I asked you because I thought it was usual to first flash a factory image first, and maybe you had forgotten this.
anyway I already told you that I'm not a super tech wise, so I don't understand your "rude" talking.
Thanks anyway

the A1 version are not comparable with the R1 versions
they have a different boot loaded and memory layout
the A1 has a "recovery interface" that is very buggy and won't work with linux etc
but the R1 has the "emergence interface" much better with browsers at lest as far as the DIR-878
on the NOR flash device versions the factory image is the same as the sysupgrade
with a little openwrt info/magic attached to te end so it will flash fine just bigger
no encryption on the R1's firmware only some models have a signature "maybe OEM only"
I believe if the correct signature is applied the image will flash
via the regular dlink OEM flash interface
if not it just blocks you so worth a try
odd they didn't make the factory file I guess only 1 file will save space and compile time

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Thanks @Lucky1 ,
I will buy it and give it a try.
The good thing is that I'm buying it second hand for around 30€ which is really cheap AFAIK.

I do think the 878 or 882 are better having 4 stream per band
rather then one 4x spit into 2x2 if you get the chance they are better

Well, one of the important points of the 853 is the USB 3.0 port. I'm looking for routers compatible with OpenWRT and USB 3.0 port, among other characteristics. I want to use it as portable PXE server. While the 882 has one, it is much bigger and ugly (for me). The 878 only has USB 2.0.
And the WiFi is actually the thing that I don't need because I will only be using this for PXE and other things, so it doesn't matter. Sadly I can't take out the antennas, but anyway it's very good and I like it very much because of everything except the antennas.

the DIR-876-878-A1 has no ports at all
the DIR-882-A1 has both USB2 & USB3
the disappointing thing about them is the limited 128M of ram
if you can the DIR-1960-2640-2660-A1 has 256M and the faster 128M NAND Flash
all 6 above are the same PCB different cases R1's may vary
there is the DIR-2150-R1 DIR-1260-R1 and DIR-853-A3 that has 128M NAND Flash but only 128M of ram
so maybe there is no R1 versions with 256M or ram :frowning:

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The DIR-853 R1 might have a USB3 port, but I wouldn't expect the mt7621 SOC to drive it at full speed, as its CPU performance is a tad marginal compared to more modern ARMv8 based SOCs.

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Thanks @slh, I take note. I only expect it working at at least around 20MB/s which will be fine enough. Much less than the theoretical 5Gbit/s so I think it will perform fast enough for my needs.