About bridge mode

Hi there , I have some Q about about repeater mode with openwrt I have hotspot wifi network work with unifi system in multi location we start to change our system from unifi to new system we chose pfsense for gateway hotspot , so we decided to flash all 148 aps to openwrt the Q we need to use repeater mode , I need to use like this :
1- I have unifi ac mesh pro flasher with openwrt this ap work as ap in bridge mode and its get connection with ethernet from my gateway
2 - 4 aps connected to unifi ac mesh in above the main problem this 4 aps should works with bridge mode also so they get ip from gateway and give it for client which connected on it because my gateway hotspot use pass through mac
I work with this but I have main problem the hotspot pass through the mac of my aps not the mac of clients device do you have any suggestion ? Thx