A7000 Nighthawk USB recommend?

Hello guys.

Saw that consensus on reviews seems to be that A7000 Nighthawk USB or ASUS USB-A68 2nd choice.

Does anyone own a A7000 Nighthawk and can recommend it?

Asking because sometimes little known facts about a device, issues, bugs or compatability seems to come after the fact when reviews have been made.

If not I will just jump the gun and try it :slight_smile: I do need a USB, not PCIe due to only 1x PCIe

Without looking at either of these devices in detail, if your intention is to use it as AP interface - don't, you won't be happy with any USB WLAN card for AP mode or 24/7 operations (nor throughput, nor range).

Only client intentions. I saw it supported promiscous and monitor mode too. I had a TP-LINK Archer T4U and that sucked more than my built-in wifi, hence why I am asking around now :slight_smile:

The builtin wifi will (almost-) always be much better than the best USB wireless card you can find, even if it would be a class older than the shiny USB stick.

Surprising. Why is that?

  • bad antennas (PCB traces), too small
  • antennas too close to each other, thereby breaking Mu-MIMO (which hard-depends on a certain antenna constellation/ polarization, to differentiate between the spatial streams)
  • USB case too small and trapping heat, overheating the chip
  • USB as a bus has implications on the card, the card now needs to run an on-device fullmac firmware (USB has no IRQs and is too slow, so large parts of the connection handling must be handled in firmware)
    • firmware not properly tested by the vendor for anything beyond client mode (STA), expect anything but mainstream consumer functionality to be untested/ broken
    • very little on-device resources in terms of barely sufficient 'CPU' power and RAM, especially RAM shortage limits speed and the number of active STAs in a BSSID (each STA needs to be accounted for, needing RAM - using these devices as AP often limits you to <<8 clients at most, before you run out of on-device RAM)
    • the USB bus is 'slow' and (host-side-) CPU intensive
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Nice answer. Thanks a lot! What about PCIe cards?

PCI/ PCIe cards are fine, depending on the chipset.

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