A unique device code ?

In addition to the MAC address value that can be used as a unique identifier for routing, what other values ​​can OPENWRT use as a unique device code? 3Q

source and/or destination IP address ?

No, it is used for usage rights verification. It's not the same machine and the menu is not displayed.

you asked a question, without providing sufficient details, you got an answer ...

how is this related to openwrt ?

stop talking in riddles.

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I was going to add a couple if ideas, untill I saw this... I do not think you can, legally and/or ethically, do "usage rights verification" with open-source software.

Because I developed a control program just to avoid pretending to be an administrator.

Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean with this...

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You can check the hash of the following files:


@iamyangyi - can you please clarify how this is related to OpenWrt? And what version of OpenWrt are you using?

ubus call system board
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A person that goes out of their way to install OpenWrt on their device is not the kind of person that takes kindly to DRM in all of its forms, even if you can somehow make this work without bypasses.

Now it's possible there's a language barrier and you don't actually mean digital rights management, but simply "device authentication" so your routing setup works. In that case you would just generate whatever secret keys you need and provision them to their respective devices, and any hardware IDs would just be for identification.

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