A tutorial to config a router as wifi repeater

is there a tutorial to config a router as repeater? what i need is to use it as range extender so it connects to my wifi and serves as relay so the signal can reach other place

if is possible how? please help

Depending on the upstream device, you'll be probably looking at relayd or wds, or possibly mesh/802.11s:





i need my 2d router to act as wifi signal extender, did this tutorial:

i taken router 2 to facility 2 but the signal is weak it should say "my wifi" with a signal strong, since im testing the cellphone in front of the router two, it should say "my wifi", even if router 1 is off... what am i losing? what is the correct mode i need ?

Any particular reason you used that tutorial instead of the ones I linked to that are on the openwrt wiki?

because im dumb and i understand more youtube tutorials, but i see they are the same

usually the reason is, because text tutorials may be outdated or not working anymore, so i try to get youtube videos of recent tutorials and check comments if i see a lot of persons saying it worked, i use it, if not, i discard it and look for other