A simple question, how to extend the same ssid using ethernet cable

Right, the part with fast roaming needs 802.11r on both ap's. You have to skip that part, if it is not available on the other router.

Yeah, my main modem just cant really be installed with openwrt but with this feature disable it really doesn't quickly changes ssid to the nearest ap right?

Correct, in the end it's the client who decides when to disconnect from the current AP.
Only way to force it, is to disable and reenable the wifi, or do the same with flight mode.

okay gotcha thanks for the help and all will buy another router for it do you guys have any recommendation?

two of the same makes life easier :wink:

I use old Archer C2600s, if one wants to go to AX, the Belkin RT3200, or its Linksys counterpart would be the obvious choice.


Thanks, but i heard the xiaomi Mi4A support openwrt, and i just had it laying in my garage can i use that?

as long as it's supported, sure.

but the best solution involves 802.11r, or similar, which is probably easier to set up, if you have two identical devices (or at least using the same chipset/radio hw).

Okay gotcha, thanks for all the information that you gave

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