A recommendation for a real low power router and low specs

To monitor the powerconsumption of my heatpump I need to get wifi in the basement.
I only get the 2.5Ghz wifi strong enough in the basement but the monitoring device works on 5Ghz only.
What is a good low power device that can bridge the 2.5Ghz to a 5Ghz wifi via a mesh bridge (802.11s)?

Something like the GL750 ?

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that is a Yamaha motor cycle?

just kidding: I will have a look

If they come with wifi built in, why not ?



i guess you mean a Gl Inet one: but I cannot find one with the number


it's GL-AR750.

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The GL-Ar750 is not available in mu area (nor in Europe?).
I do already have a GL-MT3000 (costs around 80 Euros).
Would an GL-Ar750 be cheaper?

Thinking about it, the GL-MT3000 would be an option...

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should be, it's older.

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MT3000 will comfortably do the job, AliExpress have them on sale for around £50 if you need a second one.

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What router do you have now?

If the antennas are detachable you could probably point a flat one straight down to the basement.

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I certainly have one with detachable antennes; any good reference on how to do this (note is the 50cm concrete floor that is the issue...)?

Free to test before you buy.

And it is kind of fun.

Are you going to run ethernet? Because that changes things a bit.

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I was about to complain i could not find one for that price but then I realized £<€ is no longer the case ;-). Amazon shipping in EU with proper waranty is close enough.

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The GL-MT3000 would also manage 2 ethernet ports just fine with a wifi mesh backhauling.

There is no ethernet requirement. But stating that: I am going to check if that device I am going to connect is not having an ethernet port. I never really thought to connect it over wire and didn’t really check...


Lol; my youngest son is around these days. I think i can convince him to print a 3d antenna to play with...
Mental note: i must NOT start up reading on the physics behind this or I am lost the coming weeks....


So, being a typical American, I did not realize 50cm was, almost 20".

You are not going to blast through that. You are going to need a wire going to a radio if the heat pump lacks ethernet (and I presume it does lack ethernet).

I would be stupefied if you got any signal through 50cm of concrete (19.68504").
I'm surprised no one that uses the metric system pointed this out.

I, actually, found a page for you to read.

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From above:

  • Router consumes between 1.5W and 2.1W, depending on the power supply voltage and load.
  • The power adapter is rated 12V @ 1A . The router can be powered from a battery.

I've bought mine for around 20 Euro 3 years ago - so look for that price or lower.

Ps: probably consumes more, but is much better:

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I might have exaggeration a bit; the build up 15cm concrete 10cm PUR insulation and 10cm concrete again.
And the entrance is about 10% of the floorstructure and almost right above it i have a wifi router. I see 5Ghz at max -90db in the basement and at the spot wire the measuring device come, my mobile phone measures nothing... but it measure 2.5Ghz at around -70dB. (With iperf3 test I get around 60Mb/s); that is good enough.

I checked the device has no ethernet port.

And how do i know if it supports mesh (802.11s)?


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Mesh is a set of OpenWrt packages and it is supported by default if you install the package https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/mesh/80211s.
However I would do it with WDS https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/atheroswds. WDS master on your main router 2.4Ghz + WDS client on xiaomi. Than 5Ghz master on Xiaomi.