A new dual 10G router based on Filogic 880 (Banana Pi BPi-R4)

cpu freq governor is change from userspace to ondemand in eladwf's repo.
Change default governor to ondemand

in my builds i use performance. and cpu freq is fixed at 1.8GHz. cpu temp between 56-58 in my case

in snapshot i noticed that cpu frequency is STUCK at 1500 mhz . or at least... i didnt see it ramp up to 1800 mhz

humm.. maybe not stuck but just fixed at 1500mhz.
between ondemand and performace, the difference is a +3deg in my case so I can't be bother and just put it in performance.

well i am testing snapshot. i decided to go for banana pi rather than a mikrotik router because here in italy electricity is quite expensive ( roughly 0.5 eur per kwh) . As for now i was using my pc as a prox server 24/7 on running 3-4 vms. among those vms a pfsense router ( i couldnt handle fast pppoe , max 4gbit but with huge latency spikes) and a plex server + ofc a workstation used for gaming or cloud gaming when i am not at home)
roughly 1kwh per day. with banana pi i am consolidating the router and the plex server into this device . i am quite surprised it can handle transcoding . i tried 720p no problem 1080p looked also ok with some stutters. I think it is because cpu is stuck at 1500 mhz rather than ramping up to 1800mhz . thats a whopping 20% less . By the way is there a way to overclock the cpu ? for now it runs with a passive cooler plus a 12 cm 55 cfm fan blowing air on it : 51 degs while hammered by transcoding .Or maybe the soc has a VPU / Hardware transcoder too to offload ? (using jellyfin maybe ?)

This guy managed to get to 2.4GHz

extremely interesting

Is this something worth buying now or is it still best to wait? I'm planning a seperate AP, so don't care about the WiFi module.

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MT7988 is already using ADMAv2.
The commit in SDK repo you are referencing consists of two parts:

  1. Apply SoC-specific dma_max_len. We are already doing this in OpenWrt and upstream driver.
  2. Use NETSYSv3 capabilities when using PDMA (write to pdma.glo_cfg). This part of the change doesn't have any effect as long as MTK_QDMA capability is present for MT7988 (it is in both, SDK and the vanilla driver).
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Very much worth it, it replaced a mikrotik RB5009 for me and I couldn't be happier

10g fiber, not using any QoS though.

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Appreciate your efforts and all that have made the improvements and support for mt7988.
how are things moving along for:

  1. RSS/LRO support
  2. multiple PPEs support

imho, with the above, bpi-r4 is a clear contender for the best bang for buck, performant 10G fiber router/firewall consumer offering.
Once again, thank you.

I think it's not just a contender but really the only game in town for 10G below 500ish, possibly those R86s thingies could compete but they need a lot more power.

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Btw is there anyone working on mainline support for hardware QoS implementation on mt7988?

Is the current snapshot build (r26556) broken for anyone else? After attended-sysupgrade the router does not even react to pings, same story upon flashing a sdcard.img (default packages plus luci-ssl) from firmware selector.

Previous known to work sdcard.img got it back up in a few seconds so likely no hardware issue.

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Yes, I got same question after update few minutes ago

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Blessed be the sdcard :blush:

bad commit reverted. https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/80d1c353b79e6c216dcb2534420470e3e6ed5d60


Hello everybody,
I was curious to find out if there is a table of what works (in terms of HW acceleration) and what doesn’t with the current OpenWRT version.

Also does M.2 work as boot storage?

I bought one recently after trying 8505 and n100 powered PCs. Can confirm PPPoE and NAT offload works. As for booting from SSD, there's a thread in sinovoip's forum talking about adding support in their uboot, but it seemed abandoned.


Has anyone with this hardware actually tested or get WPA3+802.1X (e.g. RADIUS) running on it?

How about WPA3-ENTERPRISE (full certificates "mode")?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can share their findings on that.

The wifi extension board hasn't begun selling, so no tests yet.

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