A new amateur's learning question

I am a new amateur, and I wanted to learn the knowledge about OpenWrt.
Maybe you can recommend something to me.(like learning vedio, book,blog or some leading champions?)

Best regards, I come from China, please forgive me about my English.

I'd start with OpenWrt's documentation, including the quick start guide.

There are a lot of good videos on YouTube... OneMarcFifty's channel tends to be a favorite for many users here and a commonly provided resource. Keep in mind that there may be some errors in his videos from time to time and/or other issues due to differences in hardware, OpenWrt versions, or context. I haven't personally watched his videos, so I cannot speak to the accuracy and/or issues specifically, but I know that there are times when his videos don't quite apply.

Beyond that, it would be helpful if you described what it is that you are looking to learn. Are you well versed in networking in general and just learning about OpenWrt and how things are implemented on this platform? Or are you new to advanced networking concepts (VLANs, VPNs, and other services/technologies)?


Ideally you'd get yourself a cheap spare device (second hand?) to experiment with, without risking your means to get to the internet. Just make sure to get one with a mature (e.g. push-button tftp-) recovery mechanism and comfortably sufficient system specs (bonus points if it's somewhat similar (same SOC) to your main device or at least uses the same switch configuration (dsa vs. swconfig vs ?)).

Then just get cracking and tackle one question after another.


Blog from an OpenWrt user: https://giuliomagnifico.blog/networking/2023/09/14/home-network_v4-5.html
Networking Fundamentals: https://book.systemsapproach.org/


thanks a lot(very)

ye, I want to firstly get a cheap second-hand device too to learn the knowledge.
thanks a lot.

wooo,thanks a lot

I can vouch for Computer Networks: A Systems Approach. Great diagrams, although it will go in depth in a lot of places where it might be better to just provide an overview. If you need more in-depth information about some things, they have further books (online, too).

It is very kind of you, This tutorial was also recommended in the post, and seeing so many people recommending it, I'm sure it's a conscientious tutorial!

Regarding possible hardware: I can recommend the Xiaomi AX3200 if you can find it cheap or second-hand (I paid 45€ incl shipping).

Things I like about it:

  • It is very easy to install OpenWrt onto it
  • Has Wifi 6 with 160Mhz
  • Sufficient power for home networks
  • Design is not flashy AND it looks like a router, not a tubus.

Things I don't like:

  • The power chord is short.
  • Only 3 LAN ports (though that may be an excuse to get into VLANs :wink: )

I currently run two of them in a mesh configuration with VLANs and am very happy.

Networking Fundamentals: https://book.systemsapproach.org/

PDFs around there?

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