A network bridge between a 5 GHz client network and 2.4GHz and 5 GHz access points while maintaining the pmkid cache

hello. there are 2 routers. kinetic sprinter KN-3710 (main router) and Asus AX53U (in repeater mode). I'm trying to organize a network bridge between the client on 5GHz and on 2.4GHz and 5GHz via relayd while maintaining the pmkid cache. is there such a possibility?

Not cryptographically possible, pmkid involves AP MAC aka BSSID

Try to clarify in the OpenWRT community whether it is possible to configure one Bridge to have 1 client (preferably 5 GHz) and 2 access points (2.4 and 5), then it will be able to relay both bands normally, connecting only in one. Hypothetically, with 802.11r disabled, both Keenetic and OpenWRT should store PMKID, which should simplify transitions between points. It's not a Fast Transition, but it's better than nothing.

I was answered by keenetic support.

Not really, each such uncoordinated roaming is new connection severing old connection, only password & co gets reused.

that is, the implementation of storing the pmkid Cache between the router is even theoretically impossible if the 802.11r protocol is not used, but the repeater mode is running. Do I understand correctly?

Yes. Normative for R mode is <.3s roam time, most modern clients will be fine if thay can connect to other AP with same name+auth in same DHCP subnet, even preserving undisturbed all TCP connections.

did the developers have plans to somehow try to make roaming over the 802.11r protocol compatible with other manufacturers, or do they keep the 802.11r connection data secret?

There is no secret, you can enable either of 2 standard modes even on single AP.
Just that the win is .3s roaming in place of 1s one.
To compare auth attributes:

e.g Android will not proactively roam from R to non-R network or from WPA3 to WPA2.

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OK, it's clear about the pmkid cache. and how to link 2 2.4GHz and 5GHz access points simultaneously to the client's 5 GHz network via 1 bridge?

keenetic is not supported by OpenWRT. You have to go wired, unlikely wds will work.

you didn't quite understand, the repeater is based on the Asus ax53u, and the main router is the keenetic sprinter. there is openwrt on the Asus, and keenetic has native firmware.

Bridge keenetic refers to is one with wire and dumb ap.

One would be to try wds, if keenetic has such checkbox it msy be same hostapd/supplicant and it works ( wds client + normal access points all with same crypto parameters bridged via openwrt (br-)lan.

their mesh is "smart" ie not batman or 11s, nothing to try there.

wds itself works crookedly. I am currently communicating with the keenetic developer through support. I sent them the resulting response from the forum yesterday, let's see what they respond.

Thats fairly expected. If they manage wds checkbox compatible with openwrt and ddwrt their customers like you win.

I saw the FT checkbox, but I didn't see any settings or the wds checkbox.


Hi there!

I wanted to ask about the RA service. There's a repeater mode available, but why doesn't it work on OpenWrt?

Because it is not standard. It heavily depends on extra wifi MAC fields and their interpretation in either side. You can try like bridge wwan client into new bridge, or wds connection, or in normal case it will be wwan and nat to br-lan with access points.

I started setting up sane. then the network printing fell off and Wi-Fi began to work poorly.

I asked how to set up sane.

Should have no relevance to network at all.