A foolproof guide to setting up further wifi coverage

@Underworld Sorry it was a late night. I meant, not

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I've tried it but it didn't change that much.

I wanted to test your new version of mesh11sd but it throws constantly this error on both nodes:

daemon.err mesh11sd[5015]: Error getting mesh interface name

With version 2 of mesh11sd I don't get this error with the same config.

Also I can not ping and traceroute to the openwrt servers on the dumb AP with v3. With v2 it's working.

Maybe you'd need to remove the old mesh11sd v2 config files and start out with fresh v3 ones? Did you check out yesterday's updates to README.md on the GitHub page?

I checked after uninstalling v2 the file /etc/config/mesh11sd was deleted.

So v3 should create it's own default config.

Hi everyone

Here's a quick mesh setup guide I put together

I might add screenshots but this will generally get you setup with a gateway node and additional satellite.

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Cool, this appears easy, thank you! :+1: Please include the OpenWrt and mesh11sd versions covered by the instructions so people won't apply them in error.

(Well, 23.05.2 appears in the URL, but it is always nice to be explicit.)

I'm in a similar position as OP. Had four Eeros working OK, wanted to switch to a free alternative, flashed three Fritzbox 7530, have them working in a mesh (reliable but slow) and was recommended the Zyxel. After initial hesitation (the person said they were cheap but on most online stores in Germany they're 80€+ a piece, not multi pack) I was able to pick them up new from private sellers and got 8 in total for roughly 22€ each. I will put them in the original Eeros locations plus four more around the apartment and configure them in a mesh again. I'm happy to report back here if needed. I'm assuming I can just copy my current config for Wifi and mesh and just add numbers to IDs (and change static IPs obviously)? I'm also glad I discovered the firmware builder by reading through this thread!

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Stupid question maybe but is it possible to remove the stand and just one the router itself, maybe screw it a wall or something? I haven't received my own units yet so can't check, but if it's just a matter of opening the case it should be rather easy to do?

I thought I'd give this another try but this time with WDS. I got a little stuck in the config according to wiki. 2 main problems:

1: The wiki states that I should have stp enabled but only mentions it on the repeaters. Is this correct?

2: As @papdee stated in an earlier post, scanning and joining made everything so much more complex. It created a wwlan that even after I assigned lan, I then had to do it again on the next page (it had assigned a firewall rule to wwlan... ahhhhh). Don't get me wrong it did work and I could get internet via the repeater but I definitely think the wiki section atleast for luci needs a good rewrite. It makes way more sense to just set up wds (client) like you would the 802.11s interface.

So basically my question is, how should I handle stp in my configuration? Again to confirm it's a basic modem, connected directly to the OpenWRT WSM20 with 2 wirelessly talking nodes.

I will also have a play about with 802.11s again and hopefully mesh11sd v3 will help reliability. @bluewavenet Is there anything I should prepare for now? Can I rerun imagebuilder and it will give me the v3 package?

Pressure of other work has delayed v3, but hopefully there will be a release very soon.

Ok no problem. I just saw on the github that it said " Mesh11sd v3.0.0 release" from 2 weeks ago. Gives me time to try WDS and I can get some performance figures as requested by others also.

Yes, that's true but it is not officially in the OpenWrt feeds. There are a few issues related to certain SoCs where various fixes are required (eg wifi6 support). The OpenWrt release is likely to be v3.0.1 (with fixups) or we might go straight to v3.1.0 with some new features.
You are welcome to try v3.0.0 from Github, but there is no guarantee it will work for you (probably will - but possibly not :wink: ).