A few questions about OpenWrt

Hello everyone;

I've recently been switching over ALL of my devices to a FOSS platform. One of the last things I need to do is switch over my router to something like OpenWRT. I have a few questions first though, has anyone ever used OpenWRT and if so did you like it? Were there any issues with the install or things that you couldnt get working? Secondly, I assume that by the name, and my lack of finding a liscense, that OpenWRT is Libre, though I am not 100% sure on that... If you know for sure please let me know (it'd be nice to tell my friends that I was the one to find a FOSS solution). Lastly, I hear that it can be used on an X86 machine, has anyone had experience with that?

Thanks in advance

See https://openwrt.org/

Open Source/No additional cost: OpenWrt is provided without any monetary cost. It has been entirely created by a team of volunteers: developers and maintainers, individuals and companies. If you enjoy using OpenWrt, consider contributing some effort to help us improve it for others! All of the above is possible because OpenWrt is part of the Open Source community, and powered by Linux kernel.

Searching the forum is an easy way to get answers to this question.