A dashboard screen on local monitor?

hello, I'm looking to setup a openwrt on a raspberry pi and seen it can be done. But I was just curious about something. Sense I have a screen on my pi I would love to see a Dashboard on it the screen. Is this possible and If someone can please help me out with this? I'm not good at coding But I can follow any directions needed.


The simple answer would be: no
The reasonable answer would be: no
If you have to ask for help, the answer is most definitively: no

Technically the sky (and your abilities) is the limit, but that's beyond reasonable.

Basically two options are imaginable:
a) writing a text based dashboard from zero, e.g. like the lcdproc based interface for the easybox 904xdsl
b) packaging x86/ wayland and a webbrowser, to display a dashboard in a kind of kiosk mode
both of these are 'possible', but require very substantial development work in the sense of months/ years.


No is the answer But I will still search around and maybe I can figure something out. Thank you for the reply back.


You're certainly welcome to try, but you will not find anything. @slh is right, it is not possible by any practical means, unless you are running OpenWrt inside a virtualized environment on a host that has graphics capabilities. The main reason is that OpenWrt doesn't have any GUI capabilities at a all. It does not have the ability to drive a display for anything but basic text/console functions. And it most certainly cannot run a web browser (which is what is necessary for LuCI - the web interface for OpenWrt). You could always run another Pi or some simple/old device that has a reasonably modern web browser along side your primary OpenWrt Pi -- connect it to the monitor and you're golden.

Hello, Thank you all for the help. Sorry I could not respond back. I broke 3 toes of my left foot, Got ran over by a riding lawnmower. Thank you neighbor for that.

I just wanted to have some type of status on my router that I don't have to keep on logging into the web interface and going through and seeing it or having to ssh in and seeing the status.


Could run htop on the monitor, but I don't know if it covers the networking.

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There is an option in htop to display basic networking-statistics, yes.

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There are really only two reasonable solutions:

  • As mentioned, run OpenWrt in a VM or a container and a web-browser or similar on the host, collecting and displaying info from OpenWrt.
  • Learn Python and then draw the graphics and any information you want displayed yourself.

Neither option is beginner-friendly, though, so you've got a lot to learn.