A board with M2 but doesn't have any sim slot. What are possible solutions?

A board with multiple M2s but doesn't have any sim slot associate with the M2s.
What are possible solutions?
I intended to use it as a 5G modem plus router.

i found this kind of adaptor with internal sim slot on web. not sure how thick end result may be.
btw looks like wwan cards are fatter then normal ssd/wifis, (3042 or so), so make sure you actually have that slot.
by the look of things it looks like 'sim reader' is just a smartcard reader but smaller, and there are adapter to make it full sized

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Thanks. That is what I needed.

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First make sure that one of these M2 connectors has USB lines.

May I ask why the USB line is required?

For the 5G modem?

I think I am getting the RM520N-GL. The spec said support PCIe 3.0, do I still need USB line?
I think I read somewhere said that some card need the USB.

for the sim slot it looks like

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