9 june 2019 : last source bad?

last day: 8 june 2019 no problem ( WDS problem solved ) and good compilation

this day: 9 june 2019
git pull
scripts/feeds update & install
make problem , with my old .config i have only a little file ( some 4 mo without luci , before 8 mo with luci )
make config problem

what are you trying to say? what is WPS problem, and what is 4 mo and 8 mo? your post makes no sense!

i compile with the same .config file and i find a little firmware without LUCI ( possible others problems , i cannot enable wifi )

for WPS solved : OpenWRT bad , x-wrt good with WR1200JS

then reset your config. you can't expect same config to work with all revisions you build

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Expecting to get config from an OpenWrt fork to run on OpenWrt is unrealistic

before i use my old.config without problem for all new compilation

and git pull , scripts/feeds update -a & install -a
that is only update

i test at this time with files deleted in target/ramips/mt7621
possible clean problem in compile script

The “bug” is likely that you failed to refresh the config. The contents of config change regularly, even daily. One of the many make *config targets is likely required.

jeff -> yes possible config refresh
after clean the folder openwrt/bin/targets/ramips/mt7621/ ( not the packages folder in this )
with my old .config file all is good i have a "normal" firmware

for future i rerun make menuconfig with another platform for rewrite the config


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