8Devices BlueBean


I am trying to build the driver for 8Devices BlueBean (QCA9377) for my OpenWRT router. Ideally I would create an OpenWRT package for the driver but first I was trying to just get it to build from sources but I have not had any success at all. I've edited the Makefile and set the ARCH/KERNEL_SRC/CROSS_COMPILE variables but it won't compile. I'm way out of my depth, can anyone with experience help?


Thank you!

Define a package or otherwise include in the kernel / package build of the full build system.

Trying to cross-compile outside of the build system is pretty futile.

Thanks, yes I suspected that was the case and a build package would be much more useful anyway.

Could you give any advice on how I might achieve that with this driver? I've made a build package for a homebrew application before (which was very straight forward) but never for a kernel driver before! Not sure I even know where to start.

First of all, in order for this driver to work, you need to patch the kernel to add wcnss

But, qcacld is a piece of s**t, which is used only for compelling reasons (to build system for qcom android phones or modems).

I plan to use the qca9377-3 module, but only if it will work fine with mainline kernel driver (ath10k). Should I use the qcacld? No way!

That's a good point! Why doesn't this QCA9377 module work with mainline ath10k driver? More to the point, how can we get it to work?

QCA9377/8 works with ath10k but this is USB version and USB support in ath10k is only basic and has not been touched since then.
SDIO version aka RedBean should work fine

Hi, I've posted a job on freelancer.com for this if anyone is interested.


Wow someone is willing to do this for less than 300 pounds? Seems some people love to be exploited...