802.1X and 802.11r not working

I am building the latest snapshot of OpenWrt and attempting to use both 802.1X and 802.11r with FT-EAP. I have thought for some time that the 802.11r doesn't appear to work so today I started to look at it to try and working if it is or not.

I have 8 routers in use and looking at it I can see that as I move around the house my Samsung Galaxy S9 is sending out ethertype 890d messages which I believe should show signs of doing an 802.11r, but it is sending all those messages to my main router, which has radius installed, but doesn't have any WiFi hardware and consequently isn't running hostapd and it clearly isn't responding.

It is my understanding that really these messages should go to the first access point that the device authenticated with, but I had assumed this would always be something with WiFi hardware. Have I missed something here?