802.11w Management Frame Protection Support

Just to check to enable 802.11w on ath9k, besides the full wpad, the Radio Chip needs to support it as well?
I have 2 AP radios ar9341 and ar9103 when I turn on MFP Protection on both chips only ar9341 starts while ar9103 becomes disabled until I disable MFP and reboots the AP.
Is this the same for everyone?

Dear Gwlim,

As far as I understand, Management Frame Protection may also be troublesome on other platforms. On a WRT3200ACM with Marvell 88W8964 and recent firmware (LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685) / LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d plus full wpad) it also happens that connections (WPA2-EAP) do disconnect after the first try when Management Frame Protection is set to just optional instead of disabled. The device will not reboot quickly, but CPU load will run very high until the administrator does reboot it.



I have MFP enabled on my Netgear R7800. Clients with and without MFP support have no issues connecting or staying connected. I've run it with MFP for months. No issues. LEDE 17.01.4

The feature was a requirement to certify as of 802.11n, so it should work for you, but the chip is very old... 10 years old now. It may have been draft N and didn't support it.

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gwlim: If it's worth anything, I ran 802.11w on my WNDR3800 (radios AR9220 + AR9223). 2.4ghz set as optional, 5ghz set as required. Never once had an issue. Perhaps hardware support for 11w was introduced in ar92xx?

mooninite: what ath10k driver is used in your R7800? My UniFi UAP AC Pro (QCA988X driver) trunk builds will have either radio crash when 802.11w is enabled. Generally between 5 mins and 5 hours uptime, although the last time it went 4+ weeks before crashing. The crash message is precisely the same as in flyspray #333, although I don't think 11w is specifically mentioned in the ticket. Disabling 11w stops the crashing for me.

You might have to enable nohwcrypt (module parameter) for old (draft-n) ath9k chipsets.

@knacky, you can read about the hardware used on the R7800 here:


I am not using any custom build. I'm using LEDE 17.01.4. Make sure you have the full wpad package installed. The default mini package will not start if you try to enable MFP.

anything broken on ar71xx at 4.14.95? or AR9462 doesn't support it?

No...you just have to install wpad (full). That's not available in wpad-mini.


(Search is your friend.)

i do have wpad-basic by default, and no error in logs when enabled. is that version also not supported?

sure not. i just rebuilt with hostapd-basic hostapd-common wpa-supplicant-basic from 2018-12-02-c2c6c01b-1

did not work. had to rebuild and boot some old barrier breaker image to associate to my main AP