802.11s stopped working with DFS channels in ETSI domain between 21.02.2 and 21.02.3 - what changed?

Crossposting 802.11s-related changes between 21.02.2 and 21.02.3? Problems with mesh after upgrade here because my question is really one for more experienced developers. Somehow, between 21.02.2 and 21.02.3 some commit has stopped the 802.11s network (with batman-adv, but the problem is on the 802.11s level) between my R7800 and my ACM 3000 from working.

I'm on an ETSI domain and I have to use a DFS channel (100+). Since 21.02.3 (and later), the mesh detects the new peer, but then errors out with Mesh MPM: failed to send peering frame (detailed logs in the other thread). Everything works fine if I either:

  • change to a non-DFS channel, or
  • change to a non-ETSI domain, or
  • move back to 21.02.2.

I have tried dissecting the commits in between manually, but my build foo and kernel/OpenWRT knowledge is not that great (and some commits simply don't compile by without further changes).

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FWIW, this also applies to 22.03.x and (probably) master. If someone with more knowledge could weigh in, it would be really helpful.

So no one has an idea what changed?