802.11s mesh with core-router?

The setup looks like this:

    ┌─────────┐     ┌────┐      802.11s  ┌────┐         ┌─────────┐
    │  Core   ◄────►│ AP1◄──────────────►│ AP1◄────────►│  Core   │
    └───▲─────┘     └────┘               └────┘         └───▲─────┘
        │                                                   │
        │                                                   │
        │                                                   │
        │                 Babel/OLSR                        │
The line with babel/olsr is no real connection.

So a babel mesh should be established via 802.11s. Core router and APs are connected via ethernet (probably some extra 802.11s vlan). So bridging 802.11s with ethernet.

Can someone help me, how a config looks like? This is doable, isn't it? (I don't need kmod_trelay?)
So I'm asking what the wifi config should be on the AP1/2.

Ah, I think just bridging with the ethernet interface should work.

Are you looking for an easiest to set up mesh or do you need Babel/OLSR? Why do you need a second "core" router after the AP? If you drop the second "core" router, that's a setup my friend has with Archer A7 (main router + mesh) and Archer C7 (mesh + AP) and when he plugs a computer to C7 he has connection to A7/internet.

We are a community wireless mesh network and have been using olsr and are switching to babeld. :wink:
The two core-routers are placed in different houses.

Oh, sorry, I completely misread your question and don't think I can provide anything of value then. :wink:

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