802.11r/v broken together with wpa3 for certain devices

Hi, i want to start a discussion about a bug i found before opening an issue on github, so other people have the chance to test it for themself out.

So i encountered a problem while using my oneplus one and newly the new ipad we got in the house. From now on i will quote what i posted on xda about my discovery:

So i was playing around with 802.11r/v on my OpenWRT devices, because since yesterday we got an ipad that refuses to work too. Beside the "apple" recommended settings, once wpa3-sae is used as an option together with wpa2/FT and classic wpa2, the ipad and the opo refuse to connect.

So certain devices are broken once you invoke wpa3 together with the whole fast transition stuff, even if they - like the opo - are not wpa3 capable.

Why the ipad is derping around, beeing a modern device... facepalm

and you know for a fact this "bug" is on the router side, and not the client(s) ?

Maybe it is, thats why i opened the thread in the first place before "spaming" on github.

general recommendation is not to mix WPA2 & 3, and create separate SSID for them.

Mixing "classic" wpa2 and wpa3 on the same SSID was never an issue for me, and no recommendation about spliting both was stated in the wiki or elsewhere on the internet for setting up 802.11r/v...

did you try to split them, see if it improved things ?

Will try it out tonight, once the family is sleeping :sweat_smile:

Edit: Seperating wpa2/FT and wpa3/FT in 2 ssid works.